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a few thoughts on digging in.

These are the days of miracle and wonder. – Paul Simon Or more accurately . . these are the days of gratitude and normalcy. Last week we spent several days last week digging up grass and tilling the ground on the plot of land we call “home”. I used an electric tiller, on loan to […]

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I’ve decided some things lately.

First, I’ve decided to stop feeling guilty that I haven’t been able to exercise for the past four months, that my once-toned edges are softening. This is a big deal for me, considering this time last year I had started a movement of women exercising, eating right, and watching themselves embrace an epic health journey. […]

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Jesus loves the broken ones, this I know.

I am a person in process. I don’t like this reality most of the time. I try to tell myself a happy little line that there are things about me that were bad and broken “back then” but now that I’m older and wiser those things are good and fixed. Turns out, most of the […]

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