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running through cemeteries and living stones . thoughts surrounding my dad’s birthday

The Spirit that is Holy spoke to me on a run this week. It spoke through yellows and oranges and reds. It spoke through last names I recognized, written on stones firmly planted. I wondered as I ran by, “I might know of your descendants. Just in case you were wondering, your great grandson is […]

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half mast and triumphal procession.

The flags are flying at half mast today in the Parsons family home. or at least, the temporary Home Depot paper window blinds are. It’s been raining outside on and off all morning and it’s Palm Sunday. It is also the day before the anniversary of my father’s death. On top of that, I have […]

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“in this story, winter can never hold back the spring.”

It’s snowing outside again. So I cry “uncle” to the icy cold knife cuts of the winter wind and sit inside, processing what it is I am longing for each time I wake up and don’t see the sunshine again. In short, I’m longing for the hope that spring brings, that some sign of life […]

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