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One last look back at 2016.

I am a believer.. one of those who thinks January 1st marks a symbolic change, a fresh set of 365 days for letting the old things go and looking ahead to the new in hope. In that spirit, I thought I’d end 2016 and welcome 2017 by taking a look back at the milestonic (I […]

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The Merriest Christmas, 2016.

It was a hard year. It was a good year in many ways, but also a hard one, maybe one of the hardest yet. So when Christmas came around and everything felt magic and blessed, we pulled out the camera and made sure we captured the little in between moments of overwhelming joy. Here’s some […]

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Introducing Fifer Wicket Parsons / the Christmas pup

Christmas came early this year. After years of knowing the boys wanted a dog, years of desperate begging and pleading, we finally did it. We worked with their dog-expert auntie, researched breeds for a couple of years, and found a great breeder of these specialty dogs bred for kids with asthma. They had the perfect […]

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