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from almost three to almost thirteen.

Micah turns thirteen on Tuesday. I can hardly believe the words as I say them but it’s true. I can remember when he was almost three. That seemed big. This seems unreal. I have all the normal thoughts and emotions that I imagine a woman who has mothered for thirteen years of her life would […]

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the road lately .

Because there’s too much to tell, and because I’m in a season where I would rather watch Downton Abbey re-runs than write about myself, I figured it would be good to just throw some memories out here onto this space and see what sticks.   H o m e s c h o o l […]

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That time we decided to homeschool the brothers . .

I’m writing this more for myself than I am for anyone else. It’s my proclamation, my ebenezer, my credo, my string tied around the left index finger, my writing on the wall, my manifesto. It’s there so on days when things get hard, and they will get hard, I can look back and say, “this […]

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