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you are what you watch . and mind-trip monday

if you are what you eat, then it also makes sense that you are what you see, look at, and watch. It’s one of the reasons why we have no TV and advocate for others to kill their television. It’s a huge reason why we are no longer on social media.   Tonight we watched […]

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the beautiful awkwardness..

I sit here typing in hopes that I could magically recount everything that I heard and saw and felt the night my son went to his first middle school dance. I know the reality, though. I know the experts say we remember less than a tenth of our lives, and I recently read that we […]

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Confession booth

I went to Kohls. and I spent waaaayy too much money there. That’s my confession. I’m not a Kohls kind of gal. But lately life has me doing things I never really planned or fully thought through.. like raising chicks that now look like awkward bird teenagers, moving out of the city to an oversized […]

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