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One last look back at 2016.

I am a believer.. one of those who thinks January 1st marks a symbolic change, a fresh set of 365 days for letting the old things go and looking ahead to the new in hope. In that spirit, I thought I’d end 2016 and welcome 2017 by taking a look back at the milestonic (I […]

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“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Did your parents ever say that to you? I remember hearing it once or twice as a kid – when I was being disciplined or in some kind of pain, and thinking “no way”.  Now that I’m a parent, I feel it. Kids are resilient. In many ways, they don’t know how bad the bad […]

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when your baby is in the hospital, you accept the path in front of you, and you find healing in a mexican cantina

Zion was brought to the emergency room at the Children’s hospital on Saturday, admitted to the ICU, and five days later we are still hospital residents. For 50 hours, his brainwaves were monitored on an EEG machine and countless tests were run before and after. I could go into his medical history and his broken […]

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