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this is the start of a whole new chapter . . .

we took zion in to see his special care doctor at the hospital a little over a month ago. it was time for his regular check up, the week of his second birthday. We have been so incredibly proud of him, so impressed by his growth, so amazed at all he is. whatever he is […]

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zion’s birthday, and the day he turned one.

it’s a strange thing, and it shows how sheltered / blessed my life has been, but i never thought that a birthday could be bittersweet. you’re born into this strange and wonderful world, your mom has some glory-horror story about how you destroyed her vagina, but she’d do it all again, and then each year […]

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this is our life in the woods.

“wow! look at how big he is getting! so, it looks like he’s out of the woods now!” this is how a great majority of conversations about life with zion start these days. but once in awhile I hear via email/text/conversations in passing just how many people have been praying for zion’s ongoing health, people […]

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