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the 2015 year in review..

When the brothers were just babies, we bought a journal that read, “kids say the darnedest things” on the cover. We hoped to fill the pages with hundreds of stories and quotes of the countless hilarious and wonderful things our sons were saying and doing those days. We didn’t. About two pages in we quit, […]

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the time we got snowed in at a lake house…on Jeremy’s birthday!

We meet all kinds of wonderful people through the work that we do. And sometimes, those wonderful people are gracious and generous enough to tell us they would like us to come stay at their lakehouse whenever we need some time away as a family. So, upon hearing that a horrifically large snowstorm was about […]

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oh, the joys of being unplugged…and having your own private dock to jump off of.

we’re a bit connected. and by “connected”, I mean reachable, visible, out there, and available at any time of day, by many different modes of communication. and sometimes it’s a really wonderful thing, and brings us joy and helps our business grow and thrive. but sometimes, it’s just exhausting. the number of texts, emails, phone […]

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