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WE WANT YOUR HELP . A podcast project

It’s been almost two years since we quit social media to start our boredom experiment . a way of living differently that also involved the creation of our podcast. In celebration and commemoration, we want to do something really special for the 2 year anniversary episode – we want you! In fact, we need your […]

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“by our love, by our love” .. and a good podcast episode

What does it mean to be a Christian in this political and social climate, from the inside, looking out? The election. The executive orders. The flared up animosity, rage, hatred, fear, and uncertainty. The mess we seem to be making of the age-old adage, “and they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our […]

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a letter about social media and the creative life

Our social media hiatus is nearing its two year anniversary. Within these past (almost) two years, we’ve had the opportunity to answer questions and give a perspective that others have lost. A decade ago, living and creating looked similar to what it had for thousands of years. Relationships were cultivated around a table or, in […]

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