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Marriage is hard .. and more

Marriage is hard. Yes it is. That’s exactly what it is.. and more. I spoke to a friend recently who, after going through a divorce, got remarried. I asked her how married life was and she said, “it’s hard, of course..” Of course it is. I spoke to a single friend about marriage and she said […]

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a cocktail recipe for real life: insect-infused wine.

A gnat landed in my wine this evening. I pulled the drunken bug out of the red liquid, squished him between my thumb and index finger, wiped his guts on my pants, and went right back to sipping. I feel this is a pretty accurate representation of life right now. It’s not ideal but, amidst […]

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talking about the marriage thing

I got rid of some cheesy-marriage-self-help books recently. We are moving and I never had any intention of opening them, so they had to be donated to the used book store down the street. Now someone else can attempt to want to read them. Sadly, I don’t think cheesy “how-to” marital books all that helpful. […]

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