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Inspired: the paintings of Lee Price

When I discovered Lee Price and her hyperrealist paintings, I was captivated, specifically by her series on Women & Food. Let me reiterate – these are paintings, not photographs. The detail makes these works all seem so real at first glance but, alas, they are oil on canvas. As someone who is currently trying to work […]

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a deliberate return to health

2016 was a hard year. if you don’t know us, let me spell it out for you: It started with a loud party, our city house full of neighbors and friends, loud, raucous, and most of them still there for breakfast the following morning.  One year later our family was huddled up for a quiet New […]

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these charms may be wasted..

I found this while leafing through vintage magazine ads and I could hardly believe it! I struck gold.. sheer female marketing genius gold. I thought it was perfect timing because a handful of you lately have asked me about essential oils some of you finding me in a public place to compliment how I smell.. […]

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