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a letter about social media and the creative life

Our social media hiatus is nearing its two year anniversary. Within these past (almost) two years, we’ve had the opportunity to answer questions and give a perspective that others have lost. A decade ago, living and creating looked similar to what it had for thousands of years. Relationships were cultivated around a table or, in […]

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Featured : On The Define School blog, y’all.

We taught for a couple of years on an online photography school platform called The Define School. Then we took a couple of years off. Well, I’m happy to say we are rejoining the faculty and getting ready to teach a brand new course at The Define School. In celebration of, and prep for the class, I’ve written […]

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my favorite writing tool.

I’ve decided to write more this year. Not just this year, but in general, writing is something I want to take seriously and grow in. Malcolm Gladwell, in the book Outliers, talked about the 10,000 hours theory – the majority of people who succeed at a certain skill/craft do so because they’ve practiced and practiced […]

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