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my favorite writing tool.

I’ve decided to write more this year. Not just this year, but in general, writing is something I want to take seriously and grow in. Malcolm Gladwell, in the book Outliers, talked about the 10,000 hours theory – the majority of people who succeed at a certain skill/craft do so because they’ve practiced and practiced […]

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These are a few of my favorite.. podcasts

2016 is almost at a close and, while I have plenty to say about this past year, I wanted to continue the theme of sharing things that brought me joy or new depth in 2016. For me, podcasts were a big part of that. They continue to be a source of inspiration, information, and depth […]

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something beautiful on a wednesday

I listened to this little NPR Tiny Desk concert of Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop on the airplane home from NYC this weekend and fell in love.. particularly with the last song, “Every Songbird Says” . and these two. there’s something about their voices together, the complex harmonies and the way the air floats around […]

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