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“by our love, by our love” .. and a good podcast episode

What does it mean to be a Christian in this political and social climate, from the inside, looking out? The election. The executive orders. The flared up animosity, rage, hatred, fear, and uncertainty. The mess we seem to be making of the age-old adage, “and they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our […]

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Marriage is hard .. and more

Marriage is hard. Yes it is. That’s exactly what it is.. and more. I spoke to a friend recently who, after going through a divorce, got remarried. I asked her how married life was and she said, “it’s hard, of course..” Of course it is. I spoke to a single friend about marriage and she said […]

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for grace, grace, grace.

  I can only imagine that there are thousands of people speaking up all over the country and the internet about the executive orders signed this past week. Living with no television and no social media leaves me in a place where I don’t have the opportunity to see what is being said, and by […]

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