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in (true) solidarity with.

My friend devon wrote me this morning. She was making posters and signs for the march in NYC today, reminding her of the days when we made cheerleading signs for the football games in high school. At one point, I dreamed that this morning I’d be marching next to her past the capitol building with […]

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Ireland . some parting thoughts and images

My nanny, my mom’s mom, passed away a few weeks before Christmas. I bought a last minute ticket to Ireland, packed a small back, and hopped over the ocean to hug my mom, help with arrangements, and pay my respects. Ireland has always been a part of me. It was my mom’s birthplace and home, […]

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the skull. and a few wildflowers.

sometimes I feel like I’m cheating by writing on a blog. I type some thoughts out, schedule a post for a week later, and then watch it go live as if I were still the person who wrote the words, still in that state of mind. I had a couple of posts scheduled to go […]

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