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farm girl

When I was in middle school, after my family moved back to the States from Africa, I lived in a small town in the middle of prime USA farm country. My parents met an older farmer couple and started sending me to their farm once in awhile to spend a weekend. I had been bullied […]

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I (*also) feel bad about my neck.

I recently put a book on hold at the Library with the title “I feel bad about my neck”. I haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s a collection of writings and essays by the late, great, Nora Ephron. The main draw to it was the title. It reflected a quiet thought I’ve been thinking to […]

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for you, with love, at Christmastime.

Annie Dillard says Nearly two years ago now, I spent my days on social media. I couldn’t count on fingers and toes the amount of times I opened my apps in an hour, let alone a day. With time and distance comes clarity. While I recognize social media can be a wonderful unicorn of a […]

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