tranquil in the chaos

We have been in the process of moving. That means we have been in the process of washing dirty walls, unpacking cardboard boxes, creating endless to-do lists, making home depot runs, gutting this lovely old house, and consuming way too much takeout.

We have not, however, been in the process of finding time to be calm or tranquil.

Enter from stage left the wonderful therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

For awhile now, Tranquil has been my go-to oil for certain specific problems like:

Headache – since it’s a roll-on, I just roll it onto my temples and rub for twenty seconds. Eight times out of ten, I don’t end up having to take headache meds.. which is a huge deal for me since my headaches can often degenerate into migraines if I don’t treat them right away.

Seasonal Allergies – because Lavender is one of the ingredients in this blend, this is a great option to put on a cotton swab and gently swab just inside the nose. It really helps with the sneezy yuck that abounds as beautiful things bloom.

The Overall sense of “OH MY GOSH IMA BOUT TO LOSE IT..” – This is where moving comes in. In those moments when I am overwhelmed by the bustling people, the sense of being in a strange place, or the fixer-upper we just took on, I can rub this on my wrists and the back of my neck and feel the calm rush over me. (it’s also been great for the kiddos in helping them stay cool and centered while everything around them changes.)


If you are ready to dive in and experience the benefits of essential oils for yourself, click here to order your starter kit today, join my team, and join the essential oils family (if you order as a distributor, you have the option to sell oils in the future for money and even if not, you will get wholesale prices, saving you a big chunk of cash)..

If you are already a member, try this oil on your next order. I really think you are going to love it.

I am always available to help you explore this aspect of your health more. If you are curious or skeptical, feel free to leave a comment or contact me using the “send us a note” link above. I love sharing about the things that have positively affected our lives.

*statements are my own personal opinions / experiences and have not been evaluated by FDA / not intended to treat, cure, or mitigate disease.

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