as old as your grandmother and older.

pictured above: My grandmother, Ailene McElroy, (middle) who I called “nana”, two of her seven sisters, and some of their babies.

I had my first introductions to essential oils much earlier than I ever realized. It’s such a big thing now, in the e.o. community, to talk about the young living brand and the benefits and the opportunities to sell oils. Don’t get me wrong, I love the company and I love that I can share something I believe in with others to see their lives benefitted. But before it was a machine with many cogs, essential oils were just that – oils derived from plants, that were essential to the health of a family, used intentionally and without much fuss.

My first experiences with essential oils came not when I was in my thirties and my friend purchased my first starter kit and diffuser for me as a gift but when I was a young girl and my mother and grandmother used them without needing to name or brand them. Now as a woman and the matriarch of my own family, I find myself using them, both intentionally and when I don’t even remember to call them “essential oils.”

I remember “oil of melaleuca” being used on burns, cuts, and scrapes when I was a young child.
I remember countless home remedies we had to take with us to Africa, along with the book “where there is no doctor”, some of them containing essential oils.
I remember peppermint being used and ingested to help aid digestion.
I remember lemon being used for cleaning and lavender being used to calm.
I remember chamomile being a sedative and a tea drank to aid sleep.
I remember eucalyptus and menthol being exhaled over a steaming bowl of water with a towel over my head so I could breathe again after a bad cold. (the original diffuser)
Cloves were poked into oranges at christmas time to give the air a crisp christmas scent.
Cinnamon was ground and used in our baking or our hot cider.
Cardamom was a main ingredient in the chai we drink and the curry’s we eat.
Parsley was eaten raw for good breath.
Mint was grown in the garden and eaten raw, as well.

The mystical powers of essential oils are as old as the dirt their plants grow in. They are older than my nana or the frankincense brought to baby Jesus. (which, interestingly enough can help immediately aid respiratory distress.. something many newborns without medical care can deal with)

If you are skeptical of essential oils, maybe make a list yourself of times when they were used to benefit, heal, or calm you. You may be surprised to discover you’ve been “using” them all along. You may even find you currently use them on a weekly basis in ways you never even named. If that’s the case, it only makes sense to use them in their most potent state for their overwhelming benefits. Just like grandma did.


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I am always available to help you explore this aspect of your health more. If you are curious or skeptical, feel free to leave a comment or contact me using the “send us a note” link above. I love sharing about the things that have so positively affected our lives.

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