these charms may be wasted..

I found this while leafing through vintage magazine ads and I could hardly believe it! I struck gold.. sheer female marketing genius gold.

I thought it was perfect timing because a handful of you lately have asked me about essential oils some of you finding me in a public place to compliment how I smell.. in a good way. These charms ain’t being wasted, y’all.

First, for those of you asking why I smell great, I’ll share my dirty little secret: essential oils and No deodorant. I quit the stuff about a year ago now and have been using a young living essential oil blend called “purification”. It came in my starter kit and after learning just the right amount needed in order to care for my skin and also not smell like a trucker, I am officially hooked. the blend has some unique plant blends but I think it’s the lemongrass that comes off the most.. so I smell a little bit like a day spa. I also use essential oils as my perfume, which I will get into in another post.

That brings me to the next question, which is how you can get started with essential oils yourself. There are many different brands of essential oils but only two widely reputable brands (both multi level marketing companies, so you have to order from someone who is already a part of the family or become a part of the family yourself. in my experience, if you can’t beat ’em…) and only one of those brands makes essential oils that I trust enough to put on my kids or ingest into my body. That company is Young Living.

Although these oils are derived from plants, fruit, roots, and seeds, they are extremely potent and can be powerful. Because of this, I not only steer people away from oils sold in stores and send them free samples instead, I also make sure to give a handful of helpful resources when you join me on the oils journey, as well as giving you access to some groups of people who are more experienced than I am and can always be available to answer a question if I don’t have the answer for you myself.

So how to get started? The best place to start is with the Premium Starter Kit. This will give you a grip load of oils to begin learning about and trying in your daily life, and enough supply to actually use them consistently and hopefully start to experience some real results. It also comes with a diffuser so you can enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of the oils and your friends can all be jealous that your house smells good and your kids are behaving so calmly. As an added bonus your nice hair, nice eyes, and nice teeth won’t be wasted.. 😉

The premium starter kit comes with:

Diffuser and the following essential oils:
Peppermint Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Copaiba Vitality
Thieves Vitality
Stress Away
and a bunch of free samples and swag.

I plan on elaborating more on what each of these oils do in the future, but for now, I invite you –
JOIN ME and be a part of my essential oils team. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to make empowering choices for your own and your family’s well being, and I would love to see these oils benefit your family in the ways they’ve done for us.

Click here to order your starter kit today and sign up as a distributor, purchasing your premium starter kit at the wholesale price (so worth it), and join the family. My number will automatically show up so young living keeps us in the same tribe.

As always, write me and let me know if you have any questions or how I could be of some help!


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