Confession booth

I went to Kohls.
and I spent waaaayy too much money there.

That’s my confession.

I’m not a Kohls kind of gal.

But lately life has me doing things I never really planned or fully thought through.. like raising chicks that now look like awkward bird teenagers, moving out of the city to an oversized lot that has a bit too much yard work, starting a new business venture (click here for my latest, lovely passion project!), and shopping at Kohls. All this in the middle of navigating brain surgery aftermath and doctors appointments with zion, commuting in and out of the city so the boys can finish up their school year, and attempting to make a foreclosure, fixer-upper house into a home.

I went to Kohls because Micah, the baby I first carried in my womb and held in my arms and watched while he slept to make sure he was breathing and nursed at 3am while watching 24, is taking a girl to the middle school dance tomorrow. I went to Kohls because he got up the nerve to ask her and she said yes. I went to Kohls because (he will kill me for this, but forgive me later when he’s grown up and “gets it”) they texted back and forth for the first time this week and this is how it went:

He realized after showing her his “outfit” that he actually didn’t own the outfit he was talking about. He didn’t actually own anything nice because our boys run around in raggedy old gym shorts and t-shirts most of the time. I’ve made my peace with it, and it’s easy to when we aren’t on social media and there’s nothing to prove and no one to impress in that department.

So I took him to Kohls because we live out in the ‘burbs now and that is, apparently where one goes for the emoji outfit of a middle school boy’s dreams. And I walked the aisles and shook my head that this is my life. But not because of the Kohls thing, but because of Micah. I noticed quickly that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. But he also isn’t a man. We went from one male clothing area to another, realizing he’s too small for the man’s S size but too old for the little boy large. It was a strange thing, seeing him so in between. And just as I thought he was getting too old and too cool for me, he grabbed my hand to hold it as we walked around the store.

The joy and pride on his face when we found the right shirt, the right black Levi’s, a “real belt”, and the right shoes was priceless. So I bought it all and spent way too much money on a sixth grader. And I loved every minute of it.

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Stephanie Lyell Oh is this ever adorable! A perfect Mothers Day post! Your family seems so sweet!! I hope we get to meet the rest of them someday!May 8, 2016 – 8:51 am

amy this whole thing is so very dear. xoMay 6, 2016 – 8:56 pm

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