Season Two of the Boredom Experiment is here!

If you don’t already know, we have a podcast. It’s called The Boredom Experiment and you can find us on iTunes and subscribe so you never miss one(plug, plug, self-promotion…but you really should listen!). We started it fifteen months ago when we quit social media, and we (although infrequently) have contributed to it over the past year+ as that journey has continued.

Well, the podcast returned this past week for season two! One of the most exciting parts, for me, is that our kiddos are getting more involved. I’m getting to see their personalities shine and their creative spirits come alive even more through it. It’s such fun to load the five of us into our little shasta trailer and talk and laugh and record and laugh some more and see where it goes.

One of the other most exciting parts about season two is the diversity of topics and ideas. Social media was such a huge focus for us in season one because.. well.. social media was still such a huge focus. Leaving that virtual environment behind had a huge effect on our life and our work, and we were just trying to process through what it all meant. We will still continue to process through it but now we continue the journey asking questions about screen usage in general and exploring ways to live with more intention.

So, instead of talking you to death, why don’t I just share it?
Here it is, the first episode of Season Two of The Boredom Experiment.


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Mopsy Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very well presented.

Thank you for reminding us TIME IS PRECIOUS!!!!

Can’t wait to hear more. xxxxxJuly 6, 2016 – 3:03 pm

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