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Because there’s too much to tell, and because I’m in a season where I would rather watch Downton Abbey re-runs than write about myself, I figured it would be good to just throw some memories out here onto this space and see what sticks.


H o m e s c h o o l

It turns out we are still surviving the wild and bonkers world of homeschooling. There have been several tools, conversations, and resources I’ve encountered that have helped me gain some perspective, hand-me-down expertise, and sanity. I think I will write more about how I have structured the days and added some adventures to make it all work together, but for now I will say we are well. The brothers are intelligent and motivated, the school weeks feel manageable and productive, and I don’t feel the sense of implosion I did at first. Each day of homeschool ends with the boys going to the middle school for band, and I have seen them come alive more and more each day as they learn, play, and then go be a part of a team. It’s all quite wonderful, for the most part, and now I’m so thankful we didn’t throw in the towel after the first couple of weeks.

Z i o n

Well, I guess it’s official – Zion has epilepsy. We struggled through this summer with so many emergencies and unknowns. Now we are sitting months later, watching his seizures be managed by an affective medication, and very relieved to (mostly) have our lives back for the time being. Seizure-free days turned to weeks have lead to a resurgence of gratitude in my heart, and a slow, steady release of the ever-present tension I carried in my body all summer. He’s gotten to attend his first baseball game and he’s making great strides in his new kindergarten class. After all we’ve been through this summer, not knowing if he would ever be well again, I am so thankful. we. are. so. thankful.


T r a v e l

‘Tis been the season for travel. Now that Zion’s meds are managing his seizures, we’ve been able to get out of town quite a bit this fall.. (typically one at a time, as one parent always tries to be here in case disaster strikes). I had the joy of visiting dear friends Amy and Chris in Montana. (click here to see some pics!) We photographed a wedding together at 30 Rock in NYC. I went to Toronto to see some dear families and tell a couple of “mornings with you” stories. And Jeremy and I had the great joy of traveling to Sweden to speak at Way Up North – Europe’s most badass wedding photographer conference… as the keynote speakers. What a huge honor this was! I could go on forever about it, about the people we met, and what a gift it was to our spirits.


M o i

All in all, I find myself somewhere in between a heart overflowing with gratitude, a spirit craving the slow down and silent chill of winter, and a soul longing to dig deeper into the mysterious “more” of being alive and human. Our chickens are full-grown and laying rich, beautiful eggs. Our boys are growing up, micah almost a teenager, with one toe in childhood and nine in adolescence. I find myself incredibly grateful to have lived deep into the story of life, love, loss,  and marriage with Jeremy for over fifteen years now. I’m waving an eager goodbye to a summer wrought with trials and welcoming in the cool rest of fall with open arms.  (thanks to amy messenger for the b&w photo of me. I feel it so truly captures who I am. xo)


love to you all, dear ones. thanks for the ways you care for me and my family.

what do you say we write letters this fall/winter? shoot me an email at, send me your mailing address, and I’ll send you mine!



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Kelly 1-that header photo–so good. 2-deepest sigh of relief for you all and Zion. seriously, I’m rejoicing with you. 3-it’s looking like we might travel out west this winter. we would love to see the parsons.October 23, 2016 – 11:05 pm

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