Introducing Fifer Wicket Parsons / the Christmas pup

Christmas came early this year.

After years of knowing the boys wanted a dog, years of desperate begging and pleading, we finally did it. We worked with their dog-expert auntie, researched breeds for a couple of years, and found a great breeder of these specialty dogs bred for kids with asthma. They had the perfect little one waiting for a family. A girl, brown with white markings, just nine weeks old and ready to go home. We had a family pow wow and let the boys know we may have found the dog they had all been asking for, but this had to be a family decision. She was not cheap, was not going to be easy, and we were all going to have to sacrifice big time for Christmas gifts (and otherwise) to have her as a part of our family. We put it to a vote and it was a unanimous “yes!”


So we drove a few hours into the depths of the Missourian jungle and met our new pup for the first time and then drove her home. The boys chose her name – Fifer Wicket parsons. I say that because there’s no way in the history of the world I ever would have come up with it. Where do boys get these things? Well,¬†Fifer because of a character Micah read about in a book – a girl who had been orphaned and then adopted and beloved. Wicket because she reminds them of the ewok in Star Wars.


We all adore her. She’s only been here a couple of weeks but so far she is hilarious, playful, loving, sweet, and incredibly smart. And we are all reminded that having a fluffy little animal around the house, who just wants to be close and be loved, is a buoy to the heart in the coldest of winters after a really rough year. (yes really rough.. maybe I’ll write more about that some other day)


welcome, you little magical christmas pup! We love you already and you’re already making us into those fools who talk in baby voices and speak with you like you understand every word. God help us.



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