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We taught for a couple of years on an online photography school platform called The Define School. Then we took a couple of years off. Well, I’m happy to say we are rejoining the faculty and getting ready to teach a brand new course at The Define School. In celebration of, and prep for the class, I’ve written an article that is featured on their blog today. Here’s a little preview!

It’s been 650 days (and some change) since we quit social media.

A one week hiatus for an off-the-grid spring break trip turned into a year that turned into almost two years now. What happened in the weeks and months following the decision could fill a book. Suffice it to say, our lives were affected in such a jarring way, we knew we couldn’t go back. At least not yet.

Sometimes the one thing that will make us the most free, the most happy, is the thing we push hardest against. We humans are funky animals. We get used to certain patterns and behaviors, accept them as status quo, and begin to think those things are a need. As in, “I need social media in order to run a successful business,” or “I need social media in order to feel connected to my industry,” or “I need it in order to stay inspired.”

We are here to tell you that despite what the culture tells you, you do not need social media. You don’t need it to run a successful photography business and you don’t need it for anything else critical to a rich human existence. It may be convenient. It may be easy. It may even be fun sometimes. You may want it, but you don’t need it.

to read the rest of the article, click here and head over to their blog!


For anyone who is a photographer, novice or pro, I really hope you will consider joining our next class, registration opening in February. More details to come!



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