“by our love, by our love” .. and a good podcast episode

What does it mean to be a Christian in this political and social climate, from the inside, looking out?

The election.

The executive orders.

The flared up animosity, rage, hatred, fear, and uncertainty.

The mess we seem to be making of the age-old adage,

“and they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love.”

Really? How? Where is that love right here, right now?

Knowing that white evangelicals helped secure the election of Trump leaves me in an awkward position with friends or clients who assume that, because I am a Christian, I contributed to that. I am not one of those, but I am also not willing to vilify people I love simply because they draw their political lines in the sand differently than I do. I need to be open to them because I’m related to some of them, friends with some of them, sitting next to some of them in church tomorrow. So how do we cross the chasm that lies between us politically, and hold in tension our mutual deep love for God, and some undeniable differences in how we are engaging today’s political climate?

It all seems too much to talk about, too much to dig into, and too fresh. This week I listened to this podcast, an open and honest discussion between three Christian leaders with three different stances on Christianity and politics. It’s comforting to me because this conversation, with three generations of Evangelical Leaders (the late Chuck Colson, Greg Boyd, Shane Claiborne) happened in 2008.

As Krista Tippet so bluntly puts it, “to be evangelical is not one thing.”

I took a lot of comfort in hearing this discussion. Mostly because I think it’s beautiful to hear others wrestling with the same tensions I wrestle with. To hear similar lines of argument used and reactions given, it made me feel less alone in how I’ve had to navigate these waters with my Christian brothers and sisters.

I keep coming back to the love and grace of Jesus and the fact that we live in a broken world and we all contribute our own broken hearts to each conversation we have. I think there’s hope in those realities, and a path forward that involves mutual respect and love, even amidst an “agree to disagree” relationship.

have a listen. I highly recommend it.


Image by Colleen Scheck



click here to visit the episode page and have a listen.

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