oh, the joys of being unplugged…and having your own private dock to jump off of.

we’re a bit connected. and by “connected”, I mean reachable, visible, out there, and available at any time of day, by many different modes of communication. and sometimes it’s a really wonderful thing, and brings us joy and helps our business grow and thrive. but sometimes, it’s just exhausting. the number of texts, emails, phone calls, instagram and twitter comments, etc. etc. coming in start to drain us of our time and energy. at times, these tools in our hands, which are supposed to make life easier, less complicated and more streamlined, end up doing the opposite, turning us into blobs who sit and connect through virtual means, and devour information all day long, while forgetting to engage in reality. it’s a balance we have not yet found – how to be hard working business owners who operate two photography studios out of our home doing much of our work on computers and devices, and how to be lovers of each other and parents of 3 beautiful boys who are present in life outside of our business.

enter the lake house. a humble little haven on a lake out in the middle of nowheresville, with our own private dock, screened in porch, warm and inviting lake water, several trader joes bags filled with groceries, jumping fish, fireflies, and stars. we escaped the city, actually turned off our phones for the week, and just dove in, literally. our first night, we found ourselves all on the dock, unable to wait for the next day to come, jumping into the lake in our underwear as the sun set. it was one of those field of dreams moments when you look up to the sky and wonder, “is this heaven?” turns out God was probably answering back, “not yet, it’s just some random lake in the middle of nowhere, but enjoy!”

and the most wonderful thing happened. we felt alive. we had gratitude for each other and this beautiful life we are living as a family of 5. we watched micah catch his first fish, and saw the look of innocence and pride all over his lovely, freckled face. we appreciated the little things like hand-washing our dishes, cold sweet tea on the deck with folk music playing in the background, hot coffee in the thermos, cheap wine, cooking food on the stove after a long day of swimming, reading and fishing… not thai restaurant take out after a long day of working at computers. we caught fish! jer cleaned them, thus solidifying his “pioneer/mountain man” status forever. and despite having a sick baby, zion still managed to give us some smiles and to enjoy long lakeside naps and watching the sun go down.

it was such a gift.
and I can’t wait to sit down with jeremy on a quiet night when the boys have all grown up and moved on and look back on these images. I imagine we will smile, hold each others wrinkled hands, and tear up a bit as we remember the sacred time we had there as a family, that June in 2012.

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mindy lovely and warm family pictures!September 8, 2012 – 5:53 pm

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