overwhelmed with thankfulness, and asking for you to join us!

The morning after I wrote the post below about zion and our journey lately with his diagnosis and needs, I got an email from our dear friend, Kristin Moore, who we met at one of our workshops. She and her family felt moved to set up a fundraising site for zion to help cover the costs of his schooling for the next two years and any extra therapy/medical costs that are heading our way as we walk this new road.

Knee-jerk reaction in the back of my mind: “um. I don’t think so. I don’t want to be in need. we can handle this on our own.”

the only problem with that is – we can’t. we can’t afford his school and therapy costs for the next two years, and our son has a need, a big one with a lot of zeros behind it. And in the past few days as we have talked and prayed about this kind offer, we can’t help but realize that, although it is really really difficult to accept help, it is a beautiful thing to walk a hard road knowing that we aren’t alone. God shows up in our lives in the most unexpected and peculiar ways. We are coming to terms with the fact that although we can’t change zion’s prognosis, we can love him as he is and accept the generosity and love of others to see him thrive – even in his current state. The Moore family has begun sharing the site, and we are coming to the place of just being incredibly grateful that someone would think to love our family in this way. So, it is with humility that we share it with you dear ones here.

y’all are some of our nearest and dearest. you are the people who have sat teary eyed in hospital rooms with us, cried at your computer as you connect to our story, or prayed for us in the quiet rooms of your hearts. we love you and are thankful for you, and now we need you to continue giving zion the care he needs for the next two years.

The site she has set up has a financial goal listed – this goal would cover the costs of 70% of zion’s school and therapies at that school for the next two years. Our family is trusting God to provide that and the remainder we need out of our pocket to cover these expenses. If you are interested in helping us, we say “YES!” and “THANK YOU” from the bottom of our hearts. we hope to see zion in this school and to be able to share with all of his supporters that we are seeing progress and growth and health in our wonderful baby boy, and to someday say: “IT’S ALL HAPPENING BECA– USE OF YOU!” so much thanks to the Moore family for your love and your huge hearts in joining with us on this road.

click on the image below and it will take you to the site.
and if you want to talk more with us directly about zion’s story and his needs, email us anytime at hello@wearetheparsons.com.
with love from us all,
the parsons family

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