precious winter remedies – from our home to yours.

well, friends, darker days and colder nights are nearly upon us. As we all prepare to hibernate and bring out the duvets, I wanted to share some of our favorite family essential oil remedies as of late, as well as remind you to GET SOME OF DIS SHIT. It’s real good.

Anyone else’s armpits tend to smell like a big, fat onion? Purification is my remedy to this problem. I simply put two drops on each armpit after my shower every day and voila! B.O. be gone! I also feel a little extra happy knowing I’m not putting cancer-causing smell-blockers on my pits.

Somedays I get to the late afternoon and find myself reaching for the coffee grinder. Instead, how about a simple blending of 1 drop peppermint and 1 drop citrus fresh applied to my temples or bottoms of my feet work wonders to keep me alert. (be sure not to get close to the eye area with the peppermint, though. lots of cry face emojis)

I used to buy this one kind of expensive candle. Then we went on a budget and my house of boys started to smell like a locker room. This blend is absolute heaven, and I am obsessed with the way our house smells these days. No pricey candles needed, thankyouverymuch.
4 drops Cedarwood, 5 drops Pathouli, 1 drop Lavender. diffuse and enjoy a good book while you nestle under blankets.

I have grown very attached to these two, particularly when blended together. Need a moment of calm? one drop of each. Need a good perfume? one drop of each. Need to do some UGG boot freshening? one drop of each. Need for your kids to calm the f*(# down? one drop of each.

It’s the most grody time of the year. So stock up on Thieves! Listen, friend, if there is one oil in the world you need this winter, it is this one. The powerful antiviral properties of this particular blend will protect your family from the onset of flu, colds, coughs, and all that other nasty stuff. Oh, and by the way, one drop of thieves with my toothpaste every night completely healed a painful tooth and cavity. miracles!
For extra support, get breath again roll on, and roll under your nose each evening before bed to keep those sinuses open and airy so you can get the best sleep possible. Jer and I are both addicted to this practice now.

In a fashion that would make Vanessa Williams proud, I went and saved the best for last. Watch the video. This post is what she’s talking about, kids. When you run out of whiskey, there’s only one option: mix 8 drops vetiver, 8 drops cedarwood, 5 drops lavender, and 3 drops frankincense in a dropper. Then put four drops on your body and pass. out. or put one drop on your rowdy kids and see what happens. this is seriously such a powerful tonic that I had to learn the hard way as I couldn’t keep my eyes open during a meeting a few months ago then had to go take a massive nap. oops! enjoy, and you’re welcome.

Lastly, don’t forget joy. If you can’t grow an afro, you are gonna need some joy in your life to make those winter blues go away. It. works. period.

I don’t believe there is a better, more responsible Essential Oils company out there than Young Living. If you want to order a bottle or two just to “dip your toes in the water”, email me at and I can help.

If you haven’t ordered a starter kit for yourself and you are ready to take the big plunge, now is the perfect time. Think of how you can enjoy your oils and your diffuser all through those holiday meals, parties, and hibernating days!

order today! here’s how to get the premium starter kit:

the premium starter kit, follow these step-by-step directions.

• Go to:   Sign-Up page
• Please make sure you’ve checked Young Living wholesale member (and not retail customer—you will not get wholesale prices as a customer–it’s a 24% discount and you never have to sell anything. GET THE DISCOUNT, hashtag yolo.)
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• Fill out your info
• Select your kit ($150 premium starter kit is the best value–a $225 retail value) get this one. you will not be disappointed.
• If you want an oil “membership” you can choose to sign up for Essential Rewards at this time if you’d like but no worries if not. — (it means you commit to ordering $50/month and they give you reduced shipping. i love this because it keeps me current on my oils and helps me try new products but you are NOT under any obligation to join this, and you can still order at a discount without joining the Essential Rewards program.)
• At this point, you can add more product to your order if you’d like, or just stick with the starter kit to try the best of the best and get started!
• You’re all done—welcome to the family, you will get an email from me quickly after.

I hope you all are well and find yourselves filled with anticipation as we go into this wonderful time of forced slowness, muted colors, and hot drinks sipped gratefully and slowly.

I leave you with this. I dig this song. and the dancing at the beginning and end. the middle part is what will happen to anyone who doesn’t use their oils consistently this winter! jk jk.. or am I?

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jami omg. ash. these pics are amaze. more oilz post!!November 13, 2015 – 8:34 pm

amy best essential oils post ever. just gonna throw that out there. thank you for making me laugh so early this morning. Y E S to all you told us, count me in.November 13, 2015 – 1:43 pm

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