Hello and welcome, I’m I’m ashley / ash. These words by Wendell Berry feel pretty close to what I’m doing here, on this earth, in this life, on this public space. I’m staggering along an inch at a time, finding my way home, spiritually and otherwise.

I’m a woman who’s still finding out how to be at home in herself, with an ever-present homesickness for something better, for heaven. I’m married to a good, kind, funny, and imperfect human whom I love with all my heart. I’m mom to three boys whose empathy and generosity have very little to do with me and everything to do with grace. I’m an artist and homemaker, a traveling photographer and a fumbling writer learning to play with words.

I believe wholeheartedly that

Coffee should be black and consumed every morning,
Marriage is a worthy fistfight,
“Shitty first drafts”* are a brave endeavor,
A good meal can be a holy experience,
A well placed F word never hurt anybody,
Each day should end with wine or whiskey,
There’s grace for everything and everyone,
and Jesus loves me, and you, this I know.

This is my blog – a tiny slice of our life as a family and my inchworm journey through struggle and grace as a woman. You are welcome here. click “say hello” anytime and let’s chat.

with love,

* thanks, anne lamott, for writing all the best words.
**much thanks to dear friend amy messenger for the photo of me looking soulful and nate kaiser for the image over there –> of Jeremy and I being soooo us.

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